Healthy Living Center at North River Programs

Healthy Living Center at North River Programs

The Healthy Living Center at North River  has a variety of programs for every age. The primary focus of all of the YMCA programs is to strengthen spirit, mind and body for a healthier you.  YMCA programs are guided by national, state and local standards for quality and excellence. 

The Healthy Living Center at North River offers programs for all ages like:

Asset Rich Programs for Youth

The YMCA is committed to providing asset rich programs.  In partnership with the Search Institute, the YMCA strategically identifies areas in which the YMCA can support building assets in a child’s life.  Through the Search Institute and the 40 Developmental Assets, we know that the more assets a child have in their life the less likely that child is to engage in risky behaviors. 

The 40 Developmental Assets provide a framework for organizations like the YMCA to build an asset rich community for youth by:

  • engaging parents in learning;
  • creating a safe environment;
  • fostering positive peer interaction and influence;
  • providing out of home activities;
  • setting achievement expectations;
  • and encouraging positive character traits, self-esteem and personal growth.

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