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What is the Adventure Guides Program?

  • The YMCA Adventure Guides program is for fathers and their sons (5-11 years). 
  • There are Circle meetings in the community in which you live each month and a city wide activity each quarter.
  • The small groups are called Circles. Each Circle has a unique name and a great heritage. These small groups meet together to build bonds between sons and dads.
  • Circles meet throughout the Chattanooga area

Can you picture 100 men and their sons having a great time building camp fires, fishing, hiking and doing the things that bond men with their sons?  Most importantly fathers spending time communicating with their son about responsibilities, family and God.  These moments are very important and special. No one else to get in the way.  Just you and your son.
We have designed the YMCA Adventure Guides program to assist you and your child on your journey of discovery. We seek to encourage you as a parent to "get to know your kid while your kid is still a kid." 

The four main direction points on the compass are the essential components of the program:

  • Family is True North - the focal point of the program.
  • Nature and the camping experience are integral parts of the program.
  • The spirit of the program is experienced through belonging to a small Community, called a Circle.
  • Fun is the magic of the program.

Along the journey, adults should model, teach and demonstrate these values as well as give children many opportunities to practice and celebrate them.

How to Start A New Circle:
Starting a new circle group in a community, church or neighborhood is very common and simple. 

  • The group will need a volunteer leader and 6 to 8 families. 
  • The YMCA will help prepare the leaders with training, materials and support

How To Register:
Fill out the Registration Form and email, fax, or mail it to Michael Kendig at YMCA Camp Ocoee.

Registration Fee: 
$25 per Family

Ready to get started?
For more information, contact: 
Michael Kendig
Adventure Guides Coordinator 


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