Laying a Strong Foundation

Our small group classes help you meet your specific needs and goals for personal growth. In additional, our Christian-based programs focus on the whole you - spirit, mind and body. Click here to see a FAQ. 

Small Groups

Restore Ministries Small-Groups are led by a trained and caring facilitators and offer a supportive environment in which people who are seeking to make similar life changes can work together to identify and overcome the barriers standing between them and lasting change.

Class Descriptions

Journey to Freedom (8 weeks)

Our introductory course developed by Restore founder, Scott Reall, Journey to Freedom is the starting point for most Restore participants and builds the foundation for lasting change.

Journey to a Life of Significance (8 weeks)

A class focusing on your self-esteem. Through encouragement and affirmation, you’ll learn to overcome negative thought patterns while moving towards a more positive self-image by redefining yourself, identifying the special gifts and talents that are unique to you and begin to see yourself as a beautiful person with unlimited potential.

Journey to Living with Courage (8 weeks)

Class participants also receive the support, encouragement and knowledge to overcome fears of rejection, abandonment and perfectionism; conquer rage, anxiety and co-dependency; live boldly in the light of who they truly are; achieve goals and dreams once stifled by fear; and build a life of faith, surrender, passion and courage.

Journey to New Beginning after a Loss (8 weeks)

Is the loss of a relationship, finances, health and/or a loved one impacting other areas of your life? This class will provide you with tools to process the pain, disappointment and sense of loss in your life so you can live in the present with true hope.

Journey to Healthy Living (12 weeks)

Take your first steps toward living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The class combines group meetings with exercise time to help participants overcome body-image issues while learning a variety of workouts including indoor cycling, yoga-style stretching, strength training and water aerobics.

Boundaries (10 weeks)

This 10-week small group class offered by the Y's Restore Ministries can help you understand physical, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries that can help you take control of your life by learning when to say "yes" and when to say "no." Class participants find answers to questions such as "Can I set limits and still be a loving person?", "How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy or money?" and "Why do I feel guilty when I consider setting boundaries?"

Voice of the Heart (10 weeks)

Voice of the Heart is a 10-week group that encourages you to acknowledge your heart and embrace the truth that lives inside of you.

Freedom in Relationships (15 weeks)

Freedom in Relationships is a 15-week small group class that teaches you how to let go of unhealthy relationships and define healthy ones. Using interactive techniques, participants examine their lives and learn how to break negative patterns while addressing common relationship challenges by examining past relationships with family, significant others, friends, authority figures and God. Freedom in Relationships is offered by the Y’s Restore Ministries.

12 Steps to Freedom (15 weeks)

This Christ-centered 12-step program helps you take intentional, positive steps toward overcoming the obstacles that have kept you from leading a rich and full life. Working from the inside out, each step moves individuals closer to gaining freedom from life-controlling issues by learning the meaning of true powerlessness and a sense of sincere humility toward God and others.




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