Our Y Success Stories, You Can Help

Our Y Success Stories, You Can Help

YMCA Community Action Project

  • The YMCA Community Action Project (Y-CAPCommunity Support Campaign gives you the opportunity to help improve and enhance the lives of inner-city youth, their families and the community. 
  • The number of juvenile court referrals for deliquent behavior has steadily increased over the past several years and nearly 1 in 5 freshmen will not have a diploma in four years.
  • This year 650 youth will drop out of school, costing our community approximately $190 million in a lifetime. 

In 1990, the Search Institute conducted a landmark study that framed exactly what a child needs to be successful. That study resulted in the discovery of the 40 developmental assets, a strength-based approach to healthy youth development. This identifies 40 critical factors for young people's growth and development. The more assets young people have, the more likely they will grow up to be caring, competent, responsible adults and better their chances for contributing to their society and finding a meaningful purpose in life. 

In a recent survey verified by the Search Institute, of our after-school and summer camp programs, YMCA children and youth who possessed 31-40 assets were three times the national average. 

Homeless Kids Go To Camp
Krystal's mom died in 2015 of a sudden heart attack.  "My mom and I were a team. We lived together and she took care of my kids while I was studying to get my GED and working as a dishwasher", Krystal says.

She was a single mom living paycheck to paycheck with a 12 year old son Austin, and 9-year old daughter Kasie. By end of the school year they were homeless. Read More...

Afred's Story
Alfred entered Y-CAP with behavioral problems, truancy and academic struggles. Eventually, his alcoholic mother's lack of involvement led him to being discharged from the Y-CAP. 
A year and a half later, Alfred walked into the Y-CAP office begging to return. Upon re-entering the program, Alfred worked diligently alongside tutors to bring up his failing grades. In one grading period he raised his grades to a B average. He went on to graduate 8th grade on time with honors. Today, Alfred is a Y-CAP junior staff member. 

Bob's Story
Bob came to the Y overweight. His knees had become arthritic, leaving him unable to exercise. After looking into the Y's programs, he realized he could use the pool for a low-impact workout that would be easy on his knees.

Being able to enjoy workouts that caused less stress on his joints has helped Bob avoid knee replacements. Now, Bob has lost 74 pounds and reached his goal weight, leaving him with a healthier spirit, mind and body. 

Jenny's Story
Jenny came to Y-CAP after what started as a neighborhood prank turned into disciplinary action by the juvenile court system. Despite being determined not to be involved in Y-CAP, Jenny eventually became Y-CAP's first graduate.

After her time in Y-CAP, Jenny is now more confident and thinks about the consequences of her actions first. 

The Grace of Giving 

The YMCA has helped many individuals like Afred who are now in high school. Make a difference in the lives of others and in your own life through the Community Support Campaign

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