What is Y-CAP? 
YMCA Community Action Program

Who Attends?
Y-CAP is for kids ages 10-14 who have been referred to us either through the juvenile court system or the school system. Each child and his/her family has a personalized treatment plan which addresses their spiritual, physical, mental and social needs.

A Structured Program:
Program participants are picked up by our staff at their school and transported to the Y-CAP offices. The students spend three hours at the office where the first hour is devoted to tutoring and homework and the second to group and/or individual counseling, values education, Bible study, etc. The third hour is dedicated to recreation time. Even in recreation, students learn valuable lessons about their abilities to meet the challenges of life by participating in adventure activities such as rope courses, climbing and repelling and YMCA activities such as swimming, basketball and weight lifting.
Services of  Y-CAP:
The challenges these children and families face are complex. The solutions do not come overnight. Y-CAP offers a wide range of services to each child and family based on their specific  needs. Those include:
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Recreation Activities
  • Values Education
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Daily School Attendance Monitoring
  • In-home Family Intervention & Conflict Resolutio
  • Family Assistance (food, clothing, job search, referrals)
  • Teaching Responsibility Through Service Learning
Family Involvement:
At Y-CAP, kids must make a commitment to the program for it to work. That commitment also extends to the youth’s parents. Parents must participate in group workshops to keep their child enrolled in the program. In addition, we work with families to enhance their
coping and communication skills. Our staff also works closely with the families to provide or link them to needed community resources.

Summer and School Programs:
At Y-CAP, our summer program is an all day event. Each week is themed-- Justice Week, History Week, etc. Many of the weeks allow the kids to interact with adults, as well as other children, outside of Y-CAP, addressing their social needs; and with 9 -11 a.m. focused on tutoring and devotional each day, we do not forget the kids' academic and spiritual needs over the summer. 

There are two branches of Y-CAP. The Downtown Chattanooga Branch is an all-boys program. The Cleveland Branch is boys and girls program. 

For more information on our day-to-day activity, visit our Facebook page here.


Downtown Chattanooga, TN
1600 Central Ave  Chattanooga, TN 37408
Cell: 423.400.8472
Cleveland, TN
433 N Ocoee  Cleveland, TN 37311
Cell: 419.376.1446
Bradley County
433 N. Ocoee St • Cleveland, TN 37311
Lake Forest location serves both males and females.  (443)974-2164
If you are interested in serving as a role model for a youth or helping them discover their unlimited potential, please contact: Andy Smith, Regional Y-CAP Director

Contact Info:
Andy Smith
Y-CAP Regional Director


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